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September 15, 2011
Hannah Arendt / Nicola Lauré al-Samarai

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der Freitag
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der Freitag is a German national weekly newspaper with a left-liberal orientation. The paper was founded in 1990 with the tagline “The East-West Weekly” and published by Günter Gaus, Wolfgang Ullmann, Gerburg Treusch-Dieter, and Christoph Hein. der Freitag saw its mission as critically following the growing together of the two German states following reunification. It addressed an urban, educated, left-leaning middle-class readership.

In 2008, the paper was purchased by publisher Jakob Augstein. It was given a new editorial structure and a considerable redesign: as well as changes to its appearance and content, its online activities in particular were expanded with the aim of linking the online and print editions on an equal footing, as well as increased interaction with the readership. At the same time, the tagline was changed to The Opinion Medium.

The print edition appears on Thursdays and has always been published in Berlin. der Freitag is printed in the Rhenish format (325 x 465 mm). The typeface is an Antiqua developed by font designer Lucas de Groot. In 2010, the Society for News Design declared der Freitag the World’s Best Designed Newspaper of 2009 alongside the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and The New York Times. Circulation (according to the publisher): 15,000 per week.

der Freitag cooperates with the British daily The Guardian for the German-speaking world. For each issue, The Guardian supplies three to eight articles translated into German. Another element of this partnership is a Guardian micro-site on the der Freitag site. The micro-site brings together selected articles and themed content in English and links to the main Guardian site. This makes the Freitag website the only one in the German-speaking world publishing news content from two independent media companies.


Source: Wikipedia